Smoking remains a serious threat to public health worldwide. One in two smokers die prematurely from tobacco related diseases. Very Brief Advice and Brief Intervention are effective tools for healthcare workers to identify smokers, advise them to quit, and provide them with proven cessation aids.

The World Health Organization recommends all healthcare professionals to deliver brief smoking cessation advice to help smokers quit. Brief intervention (BI) is designed to integrate smoking cessation support into everyday practice of healthcare professionals. It adopts 5A's and 5R's models and can be delivered in 3 to 5 minutes.

In the more time-constrained settings, healthcare providers can deliver "Very Brief Advice" (VBA) which comprises 3 steps: ask about smoking status, advise on the most effective way to quit, and offer referral to cessation services. Through VBA, smokers can be identified and connected to smoking cessation services/resources.

Brief cessation advice is shown to be effective in increasing abstinence when delivered in a wide range of settings and by healthcare workers in various disciplines.

Very Brief Advice

Very Brief Advice (VBA) is effective in increasing motivation to quit and abstinence. It comprises enquiry on smoking status, advice on the most effective way to quit, and active referral to cessation services. It takes only 30 seconds.

Module 1 Importance of Brief Smoking Cessation Advice
Module 2 Very Brief Advice on Smoking Cessation
Module 3 Active Referral of Smoking Cessation Service

Brief Intervention

Brief Intervention (BI) is designed for delivering cessation support in about 3 to 5 minutes, comprising assessment on willingness to quit, counselling and advice on quit plans and methods, and referral to comprehensive cessation service as needed.

Module 1 Brief Intervention on Smoking Cessation with 5A’s/ 5R’s Models
Module 2 Potential Barriers and Methods to Overcome the Barriers in Delivering the Intervention; Simple Self-help Techniques to Combat Craving
Module 3 Pharmacotherapy for Smoking Cessation
Module 4 Existing Smoking Cessation Services in Hong Kong


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Certificate of completion

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